Koto player. Started playing Koto naturally while she listened to her grandmother play her Koto as hobby. In 2002, became a trainee for the Program for Nurturing Upcoming Artists who lead the next generation, by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. Studies 25-string Koto under Soju Nosaka. After 1 year of training period, held the first recital with 25-string Koto. Later, started career as a 25-string Koto player. Performed in various overseas concerts hosted by Japan Foundation. In 2012, under Japan Foundation Performing Arts Japan, collaborated with artists overseas to make the production of movie and music, in United States, followed by North America Tour and recordings, which took 3 years. In 2014, released the solo 25-string Koto album called “Tsumugu” Starting from 2016, recital with 25-string Koto is held every year. In 2018, released by ALM Records the 2nd solo album called “Kizashi”(The Bigining 25-string Koto~). Collaborating with musicians of wide variety, such as modern music, improvisations, or even pops. Tsugumi is placing importance always, on the unification of herself with the instrument. By putting vocal expressions like songs and words, seeking more freedom in expression, searching for the further possibilities of the 25-string Koto.